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Actrice is an early potato for fresh consumption. This variety provides a very good yield. Actrice delivers beautiful round oval tubers and has a good taste. The variety is very good for washing.


Agria is a high yielding maincrop variety.  Plants yield a good number of tubers.  This variety is suitable for a range of uses including crisping, french fries, processing (starch / flake) as well as table use. 


Suitable for processing – crisps. Oval, yellow tubers with cream flesh. Moderate yields with low outgrade levels, mainly mechanical damage and greens, high dry matter.


Very robust variety. It is extremely high yielding and very uniform. Cara is also a versatile potato suitable for a wide range of culinary uses including chipping and fresh consumption.


Dido is a moderately late, high yielding table potato. Dido is suitable for the fresh consumption and for processing of French fries. The tubers are long oval with a yellow skin color and cream flesh color.


Maincrop maturity, with high yields and early bulking. Medium dry matter, firm cooked texture, good boiling, fresh French fry and mashing quality. 


Maincrop prepack potato. Widely used as 'the' white variety in Supermarkets. High baker fraction. Good shape and flavour.


Festo is an early to medium-early variety, with a high yield of attractive tubers. Nice long-oval tuber shape with a very bright skin colour. Very suitable for production for fresh market and home-fries.


Gemson is a high yielding small, white, round baby type potato with excellent resistance to powdery scab and exceptional tuber numbers.


Maincrop maturity, high yields, low tuber numbers and long dormancy.High dry matter and good fry colour. Excellent for the potato chip/crisp industry.

King Edward

Late maincrop maturity producing moderate yields with high numbers of tubers per plant. Very popular in the fresh market for roasting and mash.


Magistral is a medium early maturing variety, with a very high yield of attractive tubers. Uniform oval shape with a brilliant light yellow skin colour. The tubers are robust and regular sorted.

Maris Bard

First early maturity, high yielding and early bulking. Very popular as an early potato for the chip market.

Maris Peer

Second early maturity producing moderate yields of very uniform sample. 

Maris Piper

Maincrop maturity with high yields and many tubers per plant. Most widely grown variety in UK, suitable for fresh, processing and chip market.


Exceptional fry quality, long-term storage with low reducing sugars, good dormancy.


Messi is a moderately early variety. This variety provides a very high yield. Messi delivers long tubers with a very smooth pale yellow skin. 


Metro is a medium late variety producing very uniform tubers that are long oval and are suitable for French fries. The variety provides an excellent yield and has a high dry matter content value.


Suitable for French fry production in Mediterranean/North African climate. Produces high yield of large tubers in these climates. Good cooking qualities.


Obama is a high yielding, very early maturing variety, with attractive, long-oval tubers with very bright yellow skins. Obama is suitable for fresh market early potato production and produces tubers with excellent eating qualities.


Picobello is and moderately early table potato. The tubers are long-oval with very shallow eyes. It has a very good taste.


Suitable for the early French fries and processing markets, with medium yields, early bulking and high DM.