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Grampian Growers is a farmer owned cooperative based on the East coast of Scotland on the outskirts of Montrose, Angus. Our membership is relatively small but is very committed to the core activities of Grampian Growers, namely Daffodil flower and bulb production and marketing as well as Seed and Baby Potato production and marketing.

We currently have 13 Daffodil members and an additional 28 potato members all producing to the highest standards and all located on the fertile lands of the East Coast of Scotland. Grampian Growers is a leading exporter of its products and through its team carries all the necessary expertise required to service foreign markets while also maintaining strong links with numerous domestic customers.

Flexibility in both supply and distribution is key to the success of Grampian Growers for its members.

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Office Update 22/2/21

Office Update 22/2/21



Grampian Growers currently produce 6 million bunches of daffodil flowers & 4,000 tonnes of daffodil bulbs every year.

The emphasis as with all our products is to produce quality daffodil flowers and bulbs. We are unique in having our own bulb certification scheme; set up in the 1970s which continues today in order to maintain a high level of quality.


Seed Potatoes

Grampian Growers, as leading seed suppliers, provide all customers with a high level of service and above all a quality product.

As one of the UK's leading growers and suppliers of seed and baby potatoes our focus is on quality, service and value which is driven by the need to meet the customer's requirements. Grampian Growers have access to an extensive list of varieties with partners in France, Holland and Denmark. GPS Potato Breeders now have 13 promising varieties across all markets, some with dual PCN resistance.


Our Facilities

At Grampian Growers we pride ourselves on our first class storage, packing, distribution and potato grading facilities. With over 8,000t of potato storage space and ample positive ventilation and cold storage we are proud to be one of the UK’s premier sites.

Our facilities were custom built for our bulb and flower enterprise but have been augmented and added to in order to cater for our potato suppliers. Regular investment has seen the enhancement and upgrading of our facilities.


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