Grampian Growers hosted one of Scotland’s first Bioeconomy weeks on Monday 3rd October organised by IBioIC.

For around 15 years, Grampian Growers have been exporting a proportion of their daffodil crop to a European pharma company to extract Galantamine. As part of our zero-waste strategy and creating added value to our crop, Grampian Growers are working collaboratively with partners to explore how biorefining may yield other bioactives suitable for nutraceutical and health supplement markets.

The event told the journey Grampian Growers has taken with partners to create value from our daffodil crops by exploring new markets through the application of industrial biotech. The story reinforced the need for cross-sector collaboration to drive value from biomass as part of Scotland’s circular bioeconomy.

From reducing methane in cows to extracting carotenoids and flavonoids to managing Alzheimer’s disease – all from the humble daffodil.

We had a lineup of the top academia in the industry who gave the audience an insight into their work and future projects. Grampian Growers and SAOS gave their views from an Agri perspective and highlighted the requirement for our industries to collaborate. It was great to host MSP Maggie Chapman, who heard first-hand about the importance of funding and supports to get farmers engaged in bioeconomy solutions.