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Daffodil Field

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Daffodil Field

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Daffodil Field

Daffodil Field

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Grampian Growers pride themselves on the production of high-quality daffodil flowers and bulbs, with full traceability, throughout both crop sectors.

Our typical Scottish climate, provides ideal growing conditions for both flowers and bulbs, with cool daytime temperatures and long daylight hours assisting greatly in the reduction of both pest and disease pressure, resulting in the production of high-quality products.

The production year commences in early March, with the cropping of daffodil flowers by the grower members, for around 6 to 8 weeks. The flowers are centrally packed at our headquarters near Montrose to customer specifications and then transported in refrigerated trailers to supermarket and wholesale outlets in the UK.

Planning for the bulb lift begins in March with applications for certification of the growing crop.  Grampian Growers is unique in operating a Scottish High Health Narcissus Certification Scheme (managed by the Scottish Government), in addition to the EU Plant Passport standards. 

From July to September, the daffodil bulb crop arrives at our packhouse from member farms, dried and graded ready for central packing.  The bulbs are subsequently sent to our customers in the USA and mainland Europe, destined for pre-packing, landscaping and flower forcing markets.



Flowers Grown In Scotland

Grampian Growers are proud to be one of the founding members of Flowers Grown In Scotland.

The groups aim is to promote Scottish Grown Flowers to the wider public, by using the platform as a ‘voice’.

Flowers Grown In Scotland will collectively, inform the public, florists and retailers of where/what/when they can buy Flowers Grown In Scotland.

Flowers Grown In Scotland aim to drive the Scottish Flower industry forward in terms of growth and reputation.