Our Main Facility in Logie

Grampian Growers

Grampian Growers

Aerial photo of our site!

From above

New Portacabins

Digging out Car Park

Pre Demolition

Creation of Car Park

First digger

New Entrance

Temporary Portacabins

New Entrance


At Grampian Growers we pride ourselves on our first class grading, packing, storage and distribution facilities.  With over 8,000t of storage space and ample positive ventilation and cold storage we are proud to be one of the UK’s premier sites. 

Our facilities were custom built for our bulb and flower enterprise but have been augmented and added to in order to cater for our potato suppliers.  Regular investment has seen the enhancement and upgrading of our facilities.

A prime example of this is our potato grader.  Commissioned in 2012 this purpose built machine was supplied by Schouten and Tong Peel and designed with Grampian Growers facilities and future needs in mind.  While the grader is one of a kind the parts are readily available to our own maintenance team so down time is minimised and capacity at its peak.

If you would like to see more of our facilities please contact us and a member of our team will organise a guided visit and discussion on the potential benefits we can have to your business.

At the tail end of 2020 we started to make progress with our new office construction. A new car park and entry road has been made with temporary portacabins to house staff whilst the old office is to be demolished and replaced with a new contemporary building.