Our solar panel installation


Grampian Growers are committed to improving our sustainability through our everyday and long term business practices. At Grampian Growers we understand that sustainability is achieved through an integrated business approach and we look to apply this to all sectors of our operations.

From investment in renewable energy in the current form of our solar panels to future projects such as a biomass installation to reduce our reliance on carbon based fossil fuels, Grampian Growers are already ahead of the trend when it comes to renewable energy. Our members are also committed to this cause and we now have a number of examples where our products are working in synergy with renewable energy investments for long term environmental stability.

However, our sustainability policy goes well beyond renewable energy. Grampian Growers are members of several accreditation schemes operated within the agricultural and food production industry to safeguard its sustainable future. Schemes such as SEDEX, Assured Produce/Red Tractor and Safe Haven are among the full memberships Grampian Growers holds along with numerous others recognised by the major retailers in the UK.

As a cooperative we are committed to benefiting the local community through regular interaction. As well as our environmental policy Grampian Growers regularly opens its doors to local educational facilities and groups to help them learn about our role in the community.